18 August 2007

THE BAMBOOS feat. ALICE RUSSELL - Bring It Home - 2007 - Single review

Couldn't find a pic of the band and Alice Russell together so here's Alice on her own as she's better looking than they are.

THE BAMBOOS feat. Alice Russell – Bring It Home – 2007 – Single review

One of the choicest cuts off the recent Rawville LP, this sees Melbourne’s Bamboos recreate the dream team from the last LP’s title track Step It Up by reuniting with Brighton-based singer Alice Russell. It’s not as in-your-face as the last time this lot got together (possibly because it’s about getting a man rather than telling one to sort himself out or get lost) but a jaunty mid-paced horns and guitar-led slice of funky soul nonetheless and elevated to classic status by Russell who sounds for all the world like a genetically super-refined version of Julie Driscoll. Not so much ‘bringing it home’ then as dragging it straight into bed and whipping out the ‘cuffs with a cheeky smile. Another funky bomb for August!
Out 20 August
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