18 April 2009

SOBER & DRIBBLA: The Butcher’s Ball – 2009 – Album review

SOBER & DRIBBLA: The Butcher’s Ball – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Swallow – Banger – Heart Here With Me
SOUNDBITE: “Cancer for Christmas/ No one listens/ Machine gets hungry/ Let’s feed them the Christians”

It’s dark o’clock again. Yup, Bristol duo Sober & Dribbla are back with their very own ‘love album’ and you get a sense that with a name like The Butcher’s Ball it’s going to be more about meat-hooks than mooning looks. Their second full-length drop in as many years, this time around there’s a bit more dub in their step and a bit more step in the dub of their mutant hip-hop sound. Not that they’ve actually gone completely dubstep you understand – this is still hip-hop – even if it’s soul is blacker than a lightless club full of hooded yout’ getting down to sub-bass b-lines and shuffling beats. For the uninitiated, producer Sober doesn’t spend hours diggin’ the crates for old jazz cuts – partly because neither of the duo want to recreate a sound which has had it’s depths soundly plumbed over the years, partly because it wouldn’t suit Dribbla’s bulldog delivery. And also possibly because Sober’s a lazy bastard.…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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