22 April 2009

P.O.S: Never Better – 2009 – Album review

P.O.S: Never Better – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Savion Glover – Goodbye – Been Afraid – Low Light Low Life
SOUNDBITE: “The Oval Office and the lobby probably listen to Fugazi singing/ This one’s ours let’s take another…and then they dance away clean like Savion Glover”

According to that organ of truth Wikipedia, P.O.S’ music ‘cannot easily be labelled’ though he has allegedly described his music as, ‘rap to skateboard to.’ I was only two tracks in before I started thinking of it as ‘music to skate away from’. There’s a label. And here’s another one – ‘experimental hip-hop.’ As in ‘emo’ lyrics and the kind of beats which aren’t going to move a crowd – unless it’s one that’s into slam-dancing. In fact, there was actually so much against me liking this that it’s testament to P.O.S. that this has got as many stars at it has. The cd cover didn’t help. The fact that it uses more plastic than three toy factories is bad enough - what’s worse is the raison d’etre. Yeah - it’s all so that the ‘consumer..[can]…configure their own personalised cover art.’ Surely it’s all about the music though? You’d hope so wouldn’t you? But the wankery doesn’t end there. No. ‘Configuring’ your cover is so fucking complicated that label Rhymesayers had to release a demonstration of how to, ‘approach the packaging.’ Christ on a pony. Anyway – back to the music.>…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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