07 January 2009

DANIEL MERRIWEATHER: New video for CHANGE (feat. WALE) single

DANIEL MERRIWEATHER: New video for CHANGE (feat. WALE) single
(Yes. I know he looks like he's in a boy band - but the choon's alright and Wale's always good. Trust!)...and now for that video and press release...

If Amy Winehouse, Nas and Adele were asked who we should watch out for in 2009, one name they would all agree on is 27 year old singer songwriter Daniel Merriweather. Back in 2001 a then little known producer called Mark Ronson was looking for someone to vocal on the debut album release of Nikka Costa. He wanted someone who sounded unique, with as diverse an influences as his own. He eventually found the man for the job, not in New York or Atlanta or London, but in a trailer at the end of a train line on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. Daniel Merriweather, who had only released one track in his home country at that point, captured Mark's ear and imagination like no other aspiring singer he had heard before, and was immediately flown over to New York to meet him.…WATCH VIDEO/ READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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