10 January 2009

DAN BULL: Safe – 2008 – Album review

DAN BULL: Safe – 2008 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Blocked – Cut - Thistopia -
SOUNDBITE: “All you fucks all get flustered with football/ Means fuck all to me because it’s just sport that’s all”

A first hearing of Dan Bull’s Safe might prompt two things in the mind of the listener: 1) a highly favourable impression of the production quality and 2) the question ‘but is it hip-hop?’ The answer to this second question is: it’s about as hip-hop as The Streets, or Beck or Kenan Bell are - though of these it is most alike to the work of Mike Skinner. This isn’t to say Bull is slip-streaming Skinner all that closely – we ain’t talking cack like Just Jack – just that you’ll need to keep an increasingly open-mind the more of a hip-hop purist you are. And if you don’t consider The Streets hip-hop, you won’t consider this hip-hop either. Bull himself refers to it as a mixture of hip-hop and soulful acoustic pop/ indie and I guess that’s fair shout – especially the ‘pop’ bit - there is every sense in which you could see this charting…READ THE REST/DOWNLOAD ALBUM AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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