18 September 2008

NEWS: UGLY DUCKLING announce new LP Audacity


NEWS: UGLY DUCKLING announce new LP Audacity
Ugly Duckl​ing have announced that they are shortly to relea​se their​ new album​ ​Audacity.​ This latest LP has been two years in the making and the band said yesterday in a myspace bulletin that they would soon be adding new album tracks to their myspace site's music player and that the Won't Let It Die video is imminent. They referred to themselves in the same bulletin as the "white​st/​nerdi​est/" and most ​old school​ group​ since​ the Nativ​e Tongu​es era, humbly omitting to acknowledge their general dope-ness. Last time the Monkey spoke to DJ Einstein on the Bang For The Buck tour he mumbled something about, "We might do another one" when asked about future album plans. Fans will be relieved that there is no longer any question about this. Audacity will be Ugly Duckling's third fourth full length studio LP - unless you count their debut EP - which you might well - seeing as it had 8 tracks on it. Keep checking back with the monkeyboxing for more!

P.S. Don't forget to check out Dizzy's side project Blown Celeb.
Ugly Duckling - Myspace
Blown Celeb - Myspace
Kamikazi Airlines - Myspace


Zephir said...

That IS great news! I'm heading over to the respective myspace links straightaway to check out any available newness.

Anonymous said...

Fourth album, actually:

1.) Journey to Anywhere
2.) Taste the Secret
3.) Back for your Buck
4.) Audacity.

monkeyboxing said...

well done anonymous you spotted the monkey's 'deliberate mistake' (quite a bad one actually as i own all 3 of the released LPs on vniyl). and since we're all being pedantic and shit - it's 'bang' for your buck not 'back'.

darko said...

fifth album, actually:

1.Fresh Mode
2.Journey to Anywhere
3.Taste the Secret
3a.Combo Meal
4.Bang for the Bug

monkeyboxing said...

'combo meal' doesn't count darko - it was cobbled together from taste the secret and the leftovers EP. and you didn't write 'bang for the buck' properly either - though i suspect that was a deliberate wind-up on your part. this debate over the number of UD studio albums is now officially over - any further correspondence on the subject can be addressed to you needtogetoutmore.com

and get over to monkeyboxing.com - i'm not even writing on this blog any more.