13 January 2007

MARK RONSON - Toxic - 2007 - Single review (limited 10")

What's that Mark? You can hear Britney inside your head?

MARK RONSON: Toxic (2007) Single review (limited 10")

The theory behind this release is that Britney's Toxic is actually a pretty decent tune flawed only by a shit video, hideous over-production and the vacant twat herself. Undeterred, British DJ Producer export to New York, Mark Ronson, ventures a cover version in which the flows of dead rapper Old Dirty Bastard a.k.a. Dirt McGirt are laid over a downtempo breakbeat and cuts that give a nod to lazy New Orleans jazz. The result recalls the sound of the new Amy Winehouse LP (which Ronson also helped produce) and should be pleasant enough. However, I can virtually guarantee that you will find the original version playing along in your head every time you hear this. It all makes listening to the track a bit of a weird experience - like I imagine it would be if you were trying to have sex with someone you quite like while someone you loathe breathes down your neck.
Released 29 January 2007.
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