18 February 2010

FREEWAY & JAKE ONE: The Stimulus Package – 2010 – Album review

FREEWAY & JAKE ONE: The Stimulus Package – 2010 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Never Gonna Change – Know What I Mean – Microphone Killa - Money
SOUNDBITE: “Who am I? Microphone Killa/ Swifter than a breeze I will Swiss cheese MCs”

Time is at a premium this week so regular readers may notice the extended tenure of the ‘guest review style of the week’ from a fortnight ago to facilitate our exploraton of the freshly-released and much-hyped offering from Leslie Edward Pridgen And Jacob Dutton. Or Freeway and Jake One as their mums know them…
Well, and I hate to sound like a stuck record here (y’know - one of those big black cd things), it’s the production stupid. Jake One delivers an impressive sound that you could go to the bank with, correctly getting the bottom end right as if he couldn’t care less what this sounded like on mobile phone speakers. It’s also worth noting when he gets a bit inventive with the beats as on the clattering snares of ghetto tale Never Gonna Change which initially sounded like El-P had popped round for a cup of tea and had a crack at the drum programming while Jake was in the toilet but later resonates as…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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