07 December 2009

DIZRAELI: Engurland (City Shanties) – 2009 – Album review

DIZRAELI: Engurland (City Shanties) – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Engurland - Take Me Dancing – Reach In - Reach Out
SOUNDBITE: “Imperial hinterland, perpetual winterland where happy pills are in demand/ Engurland, Engurland, Engurland aren’t you proud?”
RATING: 4.5/5

If you’re serious about something, if you really love it…you’ve got to be able to allow the piss to be taken out of it. Otherwise you’re a fanatic and everyone knows how those humourless bastards roll. Thus, given the overriding folk inflections to Dizraeli a.k.a. Rowan Sawday’s full-length debut, he may have to put up with Engurland (City Shanties) being referred to as ‘hippy-hop,’ by some - for this is less block party than midsummer revels. Still, if something’s good you can only take the piss for so long and this is pretty damn good. For one thing, you are unlikely to have heard anything quite like the way Engurland… takes an urban musical genre that originated in the Bronx and make it sound as English as Punch & Judy shows – although more the kind of Punch & Judy show you get in Russell Hoban’s post-apocalyptic novel Riddley Walker than…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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