14 September 2009

BROTHER ALI: Us – 2009 – Album review

BROTHER ALI: Us – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: The Preacher – Fresh Air – Breakin Dawn – ‘Round Here – Bad MuFucker Pt II – You Say (Puppy Love)
SOUNDBITE: “At-risk youth from a single-parent family/ Nuts got hairy and my voice got raspy”

With the follow up to 2007’s Undisputed Truth, Ali is back delivering Rhymesayers’ most convincing drop in ages and, it has to be said, one of hip-hop’s. Jay Z recently pointed out that hip-hop is going through a period like rock went through in the mid-eighties when the hair ‘metal’ bands ran wild and real rock was flatlining, the implication being that a breath of fresh air is due. Then there’s Ali himself who, a while back, pointed out that there’s currently little originality in music and everyone is desperate for something different and good. Similar arguments then, a key difference being that Jay Z’s just released the hip-hop equivalent of a Whitesnake album while in the same analogy Ali might be seen as having more of a Pixies type role.

Featuring slightly fewer guest appearances than Jay-Z’s saggy offering, this LP nevertheless opens with one…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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