30 August 2009

THE THIRD DEGREE: Mercy - 2009 - Single review

THE THIRD DEGREE: Mercy – 2009 – Single review
RATING: 2.5/5

Mm. The Third Degree. And doesn’t it just feel like it? In its head this Duffy cover attempts to rectify the outrages perpetrated in the name of soul by the music industry general and someone who thinks there is kudos in advertising Diet Coke in particular. Here, all stops are pulled out to make Mercy sound like it was recorded in 1968 by a male soul vocalist along the lines of Lou Rawls with full horn-accompaniment - and they achieve all that with bells on. But


Anonymous said...

Don't get hung up on the Coke advert ... when Duffy was a kid she used to clean toilets in the local pub for a packet of crisps and a coke, only blame her for taking the cash if you've been poor yourself.

The great vocal on the Third Degree is a white guy called Jon Allen. The black guy on the video is just miming, hey but that's the music business.

BTW Jon has been working with Duffy on her forthcoming album.

monkeyboxing said...

Mate, when I was little we were so poor we had to eat coal. In any case, there's never an excuse for advertising massive corporate juggernauts like Coke and still less when you're already making big bucks. Had you followed the link to the full article at monkeyboxing.com you would have found me complimenting Duffy on having the better vocal melody and The Third Degree for their authentic sound...