28 July 2009

CHALI 2NA: Fish Outta Water - 2009 - Album review

CHALI 2NA: Fish Outta Water - 2009 - Album review
SOUNDBITE: “They claiming that my brain’s in prison/ Some people say that 2Na’s insane with my vision/ They blame my decision to remain on a mission”
RATING: 2.5/5

I’m tempted to ask if fish out of water suck or blow as there are times when this does a bit of both – musically anyway. Now before you get all, “Whoah – someone’s bitter because Jurassic 5 split up!” – it’s not like that – although I can see when I tell you the most Jurassic 5-like track on this (arguably Comin’ Thru) is not only far and away the best one – a banger even – it isn’t going to help my case. I think J-5’s number was up when they split anyway – at least collaboratively – with rumours of metastasizing egos and all, though Feedback wasn’t a bad LP. In any case, while Comin’ Thru maintains the J-5 penchant for a funky boom-bap break and hook (perhaps because it was produced by Nu-Mark) it dispenses with the ’dusty breaks’ sound and offers a noticeably cleaner modern-sounding production. And it’s not just the groove that works, for 2Na’s lyrics on it, while playful, are clever enough, “I'm much more than just some backpack crap/ Intelligent rap act or militant black cat... I'm/ Killin' venemous platinum plaque rats” – so I was kind of hoping for more in this vain. Which brings me to the rest of the LP…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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