15 May 2009

RECORDKINGZ: Heavyweight – 2009 – Album review

RECORDKINGZ: Heavyweight – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Take A Walk With Me (feat. Joell Ortiz) – Rock Ya Shoulders (feat. The Beatnuts) – Keep It Coming (feat. Phil Da Agony, Montage & Mo Money) – Keep On (Chalice & Ruk)
SOUNDBITE: “I wrote this one on the porcelain throne/ Contemplating how I shit on fake niggers who ain’t holding they own”
RATING: 4.5/5

Heavyweight piles into the hip-hop fray in a very similar way to Jake One’s White Van Music last year. By this I mean that it finds a talented producer hooking up with a host of talented MCs and dropping dope phatness. It’s even possible that Juliano (formerly one half of 90s duo The Creators), arguably has the edge on Jake One and that this has the potential to give a kick up the arse to a few flagging careers, proving once again that the music industry (and to some extent the public’s) obsession with rapper-cult-of-personality is forgetting one vital thing. It doesn’t matter how good the lyrics, nobody ever danced to poetry. When was the last time you heard a proper jump-up hip hop track anyway? The underground has been plagued by masturbatory production for too long - even if there has been some lyrical insanity. On the other hand, the mainstream shits out club beats like its got diarrhoea – but is plagued by lyrical inanity. This isn’t to say that everything on here will light fires under people’s feet – simply that…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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