08 April 2009

DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN: Funkman – 2009 – Album review

DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN: Funkman – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Straight From The Big Bad West Coast – Young Adrenaline
SOUNDBITE: “Hip-hop, an asylum, run by inmates who be wylin’/ So I’m coming with a heavier dose/ This medication, is safe for you slow folks”

On paper this sounded excellent - it was full of western promise. Del, the man with ‘funky’ in his name, the man who dropped Mistadobalina back in the day, the man whose discography includes two of the dopest old school LPs ever under his belt was going to drop an LP called Funkman! News of this was swiftly followed by the ‘stimulus package address’ video shot in grainy black and white with funky president Sir DZL speaking to the hip-hop nation over a Hendrix-style guitar re-working of Hail To The Chief boldly claiming,”…for all of you who have been waiting, listening to hip hop and being so frustrated because of lack of funk - I’m here to bring your funk back to you.”

Ah yes, things were sounding good - and yet, somehow…READ THE REST AT MONKEYBOXING.COM

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