19 January 2009

T BIRD & THE BREAKS – Learn About It – 2009 – Album review

T BIRD & THE BREAKS – Learn About It – 2009 – Album review
HIGHLIGHTS: Two Tone Cadillac - Esmerelda – Stand Up - Juice – Take Time
SOUNDBITE: “Chunky funk comin’ out of the trunk/ Now spread the news like the stink from a skunk”

A bit like the winning fat man at a pie-eating contest, the worldwide funk and soul scene is splitting at the seams with talent and given the amount of competition, any band wanting to make a name for themselves these days needs to make damn sure they have some sort of a distinctive spin on the genre. Enter T-Bird & The Breaks who work a ‘Wilson Pickett fronting the JBs’ kind of angle. Incidentally while you’re making a name for yourselves it’s not going to harm you to make up a cool name for yourselves either. Since only a fool is really going to argue that ‘T-Bird & The Breaks’ is anything other than a cool name it only remains for this lot to establish a rep and with self-produced debut LP Learn About It they’re going the right way about it.

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