21 October 2008

The rise of the Monkeyboxing Empire

monkeyboxing.com is finally, properly here! From now on, all monkeyboxing news, reviews, and interviews will appear at monkeyboxing.com. The blog you're on now will function as an archive of the first two and a half years of monkeyboxing history. A massive thank you to everyone for all your support so far (especially his dopeness Sir Beans OBEwho was the first artist to approach me and Abjekt of Division Promotions/caughtinthecrossfire.com who was the first promoter to get in touch. I really hope you like the new site. Take it steady - see you there!

T. (Monkeyboxing Ed.)
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hip hop honeys said...

who cant fall in love with a site called monkeyboxong... excellent