26 April 2008

PENDULUM - Propane Nightmares - 2008 - Single review

PENDULUM – Propane Nightmares – 2008 – Single review

Pendulum have been described as the ‘like the Prodigy but drum and bass’ though it would be lazy journalism to use someone else’s analogy. Ah fuck it. It’s true, they do sound like a drum and bass version of the Prodigy. If I really tried I expect I could come up with something like ‘they sound like what would happen if (please god, no) Incubus decided there had always been a drum and bass element to their music. It’s the sort of thing that makes parents shake their heads like the inside of their skulls are crawling with roaches and scream ‘that bloody noise isn't music!’. But still – I hear you say - ‘combining rock guitars and vocals with drum and bass! No one else is doing what they’re doing!’ Yeah. There might be a reason for that. This is music for little rubber boys and girls high on hormones and probably everything else. Including propane.
Released 28 April on Warner Music.
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