21 January 2008

DUFFY – Mercy – 2008 – Single review

DUFFY – Mercy – 2008 – Single review

Less a nod to, than an athletic and sustained piece of how’s-your-father with, sixties soul, the hype surrounding this would be disappearing up it’s own arse by now were it not for the fact that this is a bomb track pure and simple. Comparisons with Amy Wino have been flying around for quite some time as have those with sixties icon (post-Memphis) Dusty Springfield, partly because Duffy has an amazing soul voice - although having platinum blonde hair kind of helps too. However, whereas, recently, people like Winehouse, Ronson and Gnarls Barkley have been pussy-footing around with retro stylings, this takes the full authentic route. It opens with some “Yeah, yeah, yeahs” from Duffy, chucks in a vintage organ sound, a nice shimmying beat, adds some strings, and then our heroine steams in with a tale about being seduced by someone while seeing someone else before finally blowing up into a soaring chorus that’ll have everyone dancing like a northern soul boy. I dunno what the album will turn out like but this is fucking giant! And she’s quite fit.
Released 25 Feb on Polydor.
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