08 October 2007

MEMORY MAN feat. KOOL KEITH - The Kool Keith Show - 2007 - Single

MEMORY MAN feat. Kool Keith – The Kool Keith Show – 2007 – 12" review
RATING: 4.5/5

It’s hip-hop concept collabos ago-go at the minute, from the brilliant (Monster Maker) to the less so (Baby Elephant) and Memory Man will apparently be adding to the list presently. In his head, the LP he’s currently making will be a TV station and each track a TV show featuring a different guest star. Funnily enough it’s exactly the sort of concept that usually sails lazily around inside Kool Keith’s head on the back of a cartoon dragonfly trailing a haze of skunk smoke. What could be more natural then for Keith a.k.a Black Elvis, a.k.a. Dr Dooom, a.k.a. Dr Octagon to hook up with Memory Man? Very little remains to be said except that it’s very good. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Cenobites stuff that Keith did but more guitar-y and upbeat. Apparently this was a very limited release so you’d better get your skates on as only a thousand copies were pressed and now I own one of them.
Out now.
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